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GSL WIN Compact 6GB TOOL 2021 V0.2 By [www.gsmhamza.com]

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Welcome 2 WIN WORLD Powered By Gsmhamza
Tool Coded By PIR Muhammad AKASH


* GSL Mobiletool 2021 V0.2 Coding By PIR Muhammad AKASH            
* WebSite. https://gsmhamza.com                                                    
* Facebook Groups 1 https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamza          
* Facebook Groups 2 https://www.facebook.com/groups/gsmhamzaa   
* Facebook Page 1 . https://www.facebook.com/PIRMuhammadAKASH
* Facebook Page 2 . https://www.facebook.com/GSMHamzaOfficial      
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* Telegram Channel . https://www.t.me/OsTestedFileTeam                  


1.All Useful Windows Tweak By GSL WIN TOOL

2.UNINSTALL Windows Default App Or Defender Cortana Onedrive

3.Compact Windows Disable Reserved Storage Paging hiberoff 10GB No Need File

4.Uninstall OneDrive

5.Windows Digital Activator Beta Test

6.Full Slow Clean need 5 To 10 Minuts System Junk File Clean Temp File

7.Qick Clean Junk TMP File Clean Temp File

1.All Useful Windows Tweak By GSL WIN TOOL

Disable This All List See

1 Disable UAC (Never notify)
2 Show Seconds in the Taskbar Clock
3 Remove Shortcut Arrow beta Test
4 Run Tab Add 11 shortcut
5 Quick Access Set Open Explorer
6 Disable Meet Tab Taskbar
7 Add Windows Or App Mode Context Menu
8 Remove Shortcut text
9 Add Restart Explorer context menu
10 Start Manu Added Extra File
11 Fast Speed Work Keyboard Type
12 Right Click Add Task Manager
13 App Store Auto Update Disable
14 Disable People Tab from Task Manager
15 Disable News and Interests from taskbar
16 Remove Give Access Context Menu
17 Disable widgets feature Use Ram
18 Disable Cortana Or UNINSTALL App
19 Remove Right Click Previous Versions
20 Add Start Manu Sidebar New item
21 Right Click Add Permanently delete
22 Disable 3D Objects Folder
23 Right Click Remove Troubleshoot Compatibility


UNINSTALL Windows Default App Or Defender Cortana Onedrive
Remove 1 Click All Default App Safe App Store Not Remove

1. Uninstall 3D Builder
2. Uninstall 3D Viewer
3. Uninstall Alarms and Clock
4. Uninstall App Connector
5. Uninstall Calculator
6. Uninstall Calendar and Mail
7. Uninstall Camera
8. Uninstall Candy Crush Soda Saga
9. Uninstall Contact Support
10. Uninstall Drawboard PDF
11. Uninstall Feedback Hub
12. Uninstall Get Help
13. Uninstall Get Office
14. Uninstall Get Started
15. Uninstall Groove Music
16. Uninstall Mail and Calendar
17. Uninstall Maps
18. Uninstall Messaging
19. Uninstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection
21. Uninstall Microsoft Whiteboad
22. Uninstall Mixed Reality Portal
23. Uninstall Money
24. Uninstall Movies and TV
25. Uninstall News
28. Uninstall Paint 3D
29 Uninstall Phone
30. Uninstall Phone Companion
31. Uninstall Photos
32. Uninstall Skype
33. Uninstall Snip and Sketch
34. Uninstall Sports
35. Uninstall Sticky Notes
36. Uninstall Sway
37. Uninstall Tips
38. Uninstall Twitter
39. Uninstall Voice Recorder
40. Uninstall Weather
41. Uninstall Xbox Console Companion
42. Uninstall Xbox Game Bar
43. Uninstall Xbox One SmartGlass
44. Uninstall Your Phone
45. Get Help
46. Uninstall Cortana


3.Compact Windows Disable Reserved Storage Paging hiberoff 10GB No Need File

1.Disable Reserved Storage Paging hiberoff 10GB No Need File

2.Compact Windows



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