Download MTK META Utility V78 2023 Samsung Force BootROM

MTK META Utility V78 is a Most requested feature for Windows: small mobile tool is come with new module added premium feature all MTK Brom Bypass support

Date 2023-01-20 16:07:23
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MTK META Utility V78 is a Most requested feature for Windows: small mobile tool is come with new module added premium feature all MTK Brom Bypass support model MediaTek, feature support Remove user data screen lock reset FRP lock some supported MTK Auth bypass Model.

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MTK META Utility V78 New Features:

Download MTK META Utility V78 2023 Samsung Force BootROM

Samsung Force BootROM (Crash By PGPT) back, we have restored it to support A136U. To exit Brom after using PGPT method,

you will need a good PGPT to download as User-Section from Brom tab, GPT backups exists inside (MTK META Utility V75 SAMGPT) directory.

  • Added Samsung Galaxy A13 5G: Samsung Force Brom by PGPT for: (SM-A136U, SM-A136U1, SM-A136W, SM-A136B)
  • Samsung Galaxy M13 5G: (SM-M136B, SM-M136B/DS)
  • Samsung Galaxy F42 5G: (SM-E426B, SM-E426B/DS)
  • Samsung Galaxy A31: (SM-A315F, SM-A315F/DS, SM-A315G/DS, SM-A315G, SM-A315N)

Added Device manager button.

  • Please don't try this function with:
  • Devices with (Locked/Active).
  • Devices with [SEC CTRL STATUS (0/2)].
  • Devices from TracFone WS carrier (TFN).

Bugs Fixes VIVO:

Fixed (STATUS_DA_HASH_MISMATCH) while exiting Brom for VIVO devices - or Boot Section download function in general.

Fixed (Chip not supported) while exiting Brom for VIVO V23 5G (VIVO MT68xx). After force BootROM with other tools.

Fixed progress bar alignment.

Regarding (A032M/A035M) - A03 Latin America versions:
We haven't succeeded yet for dead boot repair procedure via USB,
reason is (our developer needs a test device in his hands,
we couldn't find the needed test device in his area,
if anyone can ship it to him, he will complete the function for [M-LA] versions).
We have tried to use (SPLLdr/U-Boot/LK) as FLDs, but when we run it,
it turns to real time execution,

and the device disconnects immediately and enter Fast-boot mode,
after executing the FDL in case if LK is alive.
However, you can service [M/LA] version and revive it,
using Pandora's Box software, until we find a stable one clicks solution.
Pandora's Box uses (generic/autoloader/no-auth) for that Soc
For 'F' version, use FDL's from USB recovery image from Samsung factory,
which isn't compatible with 'M' builds.

We have implemented a basic dead boot repair support for (A035G),
it seems to have the same (SoC/D-RAM) config as 'F' version,
please let us know if it's working or not, if it worked,
flash A035GXXS2BVL6 after boot repair operation.

Added Dimensity Auth Bypass (SLA/DAA)

  • (MediaTek Dimensity 810) Latest New, Added
  • MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 CPU: Latest New, Added        
  • MT6877 MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/ZA MediaTek (Density 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/NZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6877V/TNZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).
  • MT6883 (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883V/ZA (Dimensity 800)
  • MT6883Z (Dimensity 1000C)
  • MT6885 (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6885Z (Dimensity 1000L)
  • MT6889 (Dimensity 1000)
  • MT6889Z (Dimensity 1000+)
  • MT6890 (T750 5G-integrated SoC)
  • MT6880 (Milestone Silver)


MTK Meta Utility Extra All Feature:

  • Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
  • Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK)
  • Extract OFP (MTK + QCOM)
  • Extract LG ROM (.kdz)
  • Extract MTK Preloader from (BOOT1&LUNO)
  • Extract Super IMG
  • Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)


Android ADB Feature:

  • Read Adb Info
  • Read Fastboot Info
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • Xiaomi Enable Diag (ADB)
  • Install APK (Adb)
  • Disable Payjoy APP (ADB)
  • Generic ADB FRP Bypass
  • Generic Fastboot Factory Reset
  • Generic Fastboot FRP Wipe
  • Wipe NVRAM_NVDATA (Fastboot)
  • Extract Red Magic (payload.bin)


Firmware Utils All Feature:

  • Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
  • Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK)
  • Extract OFP (MTK + QCOM)
  • Extract LG ROM (.kdz)
  • Extract MTK Preloader from (BOOT1&LUNO)
  • Extract Super IMG
  • Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)


MTK META Boot Feature:

  • Read META Info
  • Read PART (META)
  • Format PART (META)
  • Write PART (META)
  • Dump NV Regions (META)
  • Dump PGPT (META)
  • Dump EXT_CSD (META)
  • EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset - META
  • Factory Reset - META2
  • Gen FRP Reset PKG (META)
  • Read NVRAM (META)
  • Wipe NVRAM (META)
  • Write NVRAM (META)
  • Unlock Network (META)


MTK Brom Mode Feature:

  • Disable Auth
  • Dump Preloader
  • Crash Preloader to Brom
  • Reboot META
  • Reboot AT Mode
  • Reboot Factory Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot Mode
  • Redmi 6A (cactus) Unlock Bootloader
  • eMMC/UFS Health Check (Brom)
  • Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Exit Brom
  • Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Force Brom
  • LGE New SEC Force Brom (FM)
  • VIVO New SEC Readinfo (FM)
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Force Brom
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Exit Brom
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Remove Demo


Added Samsung MTK New Feature:

  • Samsung Galaxy A03 SM-A035F (BIT2)
  • Samsung MTK Force Brom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Exit Brom (FM)
  • Samsung SM-G532F Force Brom (FM)
  • SM-A326U (A32 5G ) BIT7 Fix Dead Brick
  • SM-A037F KG Locked Force Brom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Rebuild PMT (DM)
  • Samsung Read Info (DM)
  • Samsung Reboot to (DM)
  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung switch (SEC CTRL FLAG) to (-1)
  • Samsung Reset CHIP CFG (HW Re-CFG - RPMB Clear)


Samsung All Feature List Feature:

Read eMMC Dump in META MODE Dump MTK eMMC user part - mmcblk0 in META Mode. Dump MTK UFS SDC in META Mode (sda - sdb - sdaxx)-

Possible to backup but not implanted yet in my SW. And FAT/MODEM driver is much faster from device. Added Exit Brom mode for (Samsung Galaxy A13 5G), To Exit MTK Port (Write EXT_PATH/SAMGPT/A136U_pgpt.bin as USER_SECTION) device will boot to system normally.

  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G New MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 CPU:
  • Samsung Galaxy SM-A136U - SM-A136U1 - SM-A136W New Added
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime + (SM-G532F) - MT6737T
  • Samsung Galaxy J7+ (SM-C710F/DS) - MT6757
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (G615F/DS) - MT6757
  • Samsung Galaxy On Max (G615FU) - MT6757
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace (SM-G532G) - MT6737T
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (SM-G532M) - MT6737T
  • Samsung Galaxy C7 2017 (SM-C7000) - MT6757

Xiaomi Firmware to Disable MI Cloud Lock:

The software will create a backup from the original file, before patch process, can be restored in case if anything gone wrong after the patch process after patch,

you will need to flash MODEM & PERSIST partitions, you can't add a new account (no access to MI ACC server) The patch can be removed by firmware update (USB/OTA) and will not be removed with ordinary soft reset

need to select (MODEM-NON-HLOS.bin) file for the patch. This feature already exists and available to operate with many tools but doing it manually is FUN Application GUI updated.,


New Added VIVO New Sec Read Info:

the risks of this operation for VIVO MTK devices with UFS based chipsets This option can reset the device to Boot ROM mode, despite the fuses and test-point disable, but it will also remove the calibration data such as IMEI/Fingerprint data), the option is disabled temporally.

MTK Auth Bypass CPU Support List 1 MTK Auth Bypass CPU Support List 2
MT6781 MediaTek (Helio G96).
MT6768(2021) MediaTek (Helio G88).
MT6877 *new
MT6883 *new
MT6885 *new
MT6889 *new
MT6768(2021) *new


How To Install MTK META Utility:

  1. Download and extract the USB s (RAR) file on your computer.
  2. Run the MTK META Utility V75.exe setup file.
  3. It will prompt a User Account Control page for permission. Tap Yes.
  4. Next, click on Install now in the USB installation window.
  5. A Windows Security message will pop up on the screen. Click on Install.
  6. Finally, a successful message will appear. Just tap on the Finish button.

Download MTK META Utility V75 Latest Version

File Name: Download MTK META Utility V78 2023 Samsung Force BootROM
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Credits: MTK META Utility All Version: tool is Mofadal El-Tayeb distributed by the developer. So, full All credits the developer
Category’s: All Tecno Flash Tool
How To Download: https://youtu.be/VUDEQJg0Kqc
RAR Password: gsmhamza.com
Google-Driver LINK 1 https://drive.google.com/file
MEGA-Driver LINK 2 https://MEGA-drive/file
OneDrive-Driver LINK 3 MTKMETAUtilityV75.rar
Get More FILE: https://gsmhamza.com/index.php?a=downloads&b=file&id=1549
Credits: Thanks for XDA Team



Full Take Own Your Risk: If the set is damaged, it is your responsibility You can't blame us for that GSM Hamza You Agree This Then Now Go and Flash Phone

take a backup your personal data from your android devices Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery twrp fastboot rom maybe hang brick or soft Brick your smartphone device.

Requirements: gsmhamza all provide tool perfectly working on download gsm pack all windows iso Gsm Pack Windows 7, gsm pack Windows 10, gsm pack Windows 11,

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